About Alpha Brass Controls®

Alpha Brass Controls was established in 1989. We are expert manufacturer in gas valves used in commercial cooking equipment. We are ISO 9001:2015 qualified; Our products are certified by CSA, Delta C, CE, GAS MARK and JIA.

Our full product ranges include thermostat, safety valves, various gas valves, and Solenoid valves for the professional cooking industry. We also offer complete solution packages for cooking equipment.


Insight customer requirements, to be your reliable business partner and a necessary business entity to help optimize global supply chain of gas equipment components.

  • Safety Guarantee: Products obtain numerous global quality certifications and 100% safety guaranteed.
  • Profit Making: Improve customer satisfactory to enlarge income generation. Maximize returns for stockholders & employees. Optimize production processes, reduce production costs, and Improve product quality.
  • Corporate Sustainability: Use advantages of core technologies to keep moving corporate social responsibility as a mission.
  • Future Development: Continue on new product developments and upgrade existing models.